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Established in 2015, BioPhilly's mission is to promote the important link between human health and the meaningful daily experience of wild and bio-diverse nature in the city. We engage with our fellow citizens towards an urban habitat tapestry from the Delaware to the Schuylkill River. 

BioPhilly is a member of the Biophilic Cities Network.
We join with a growing number of Biophilic Partner Cities from Washington DC to Singapore.


Healthy City - urban habitats


BioPhilly is an urban habitat stewardship organization of designers,
naturalists, educators, public health professionals, collaborators,
connectors and concerned citizens.

Our goals are to:
•    Promote the important links between human health and meaningful daily experience of wild and bio-diverse nature in urban Philadelphia.
•    Build the paradigm of re-imagining Philadelphia as a healthy and safe ecosystem, where a diversity of species, human and non-human, can sustainably thrive together.
•    Catalyze collaborations, providing biophilic urbanist expertise and support for groups and projects, which promote caring for place and foster a verdant and livable city.
•    Advocate for policies, which incorporate biophilic solutions and values.

BioPhilly is a member of the International Biophilic Cities Network.

Healthy lives require nature


the biophilic city is physiologically restorative.

Daily joyful engagement with urban wild nature amazes, stimulates, and propels curiosity, exploration, play, learning, wonder & joy.
The Biophilic City is measurably restorative:
•    Boosts immune & cognitive function
•    Supports hormonal & circadian balance
•    Lowers stress levels, blood pressure & pulse-rate
•    Decreases cell-aging

Deep place engagement, commitment & stewardship enhance civic life: caring for place is an essential ingredient in caring for one another.

City as a garden

locust street garden.png

in the tradition of william penn's green country town, biophilly advocates for:

•    Urban wildlife corridors & habitats
•    Connecting all green dots: contiguous urban habitat tapestry
•    Biophilic urban acupuncture
•    Living roofs, living facades, edible schoolyards, urban agriculture
•    Planting healthy air: heat island & particulate matter reduction
•    Precious water: rain water harvesting, rain gardens, sponge parks
•    Experience of topography, seasons and weather
•    Healthy neighborhood bird song cover
•    Dark Skies initiatives

building green bridges


biophilly seeks to build bridges between the design, construction, public health, government, and educational sectors towards our shared goal of biophilic stewardship for bio-diverse urban habitats, human and otherwise.

We seek to:
•    Coordinate efforts
•    Leverage resources
•    Facilitate engagement
•    Forge strong, effective networks of partners
•    Assemble a library of biophilic resources for partner use
•    Provide biophilic expertise & support in design, strategic planning, teaching and engagement

Together we will invigorate the rewilding of Philadelphia towards a contiguous tapestry of bio-diverse and restorative urban habitats.


connecting water to water

Connecting Water to Water.jpg

the philadelphia urban habitat tapestry map

•    Connecting all green dots
•    Contiguous urban habitat tapestry
•    Urban wildlife corridors & habitats


license to vegetate


license to vegetate / city as a garden / challenge 2020

Petition City of Philadelphia to add 220 acres of Habitat Roofs and Vegetated Facades; 1/3 dedicated to Urban Agriculture
1. License to Vegetate: Sidewalk, Facade, Roof Gardening
2. Blooming Alleys, Habitat Streets
3. Green Crossings
4. LandCare Lots to Habitats
5. Blooming Cemeteries